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In order to save you time, we have brought together various exhibition products such as Exhibition Display Stands, Exhibition Audio Visual Products and Exhibition Furniture Hire Products from the major UK suppliers and placed similar products on this website with the intention of being able to compare the prices of those products.

There is nothing on this website that you could not have found out by doing your own research.

We are not owned by and do not specifically endorse any company or any products that we list on this website.

Price is not an indication of quality or service.

You are not able to purchase anything from this website directly. To help you we have simply located similar products that are supplied by different suppliers and listed those suppliers and products on this website. We have provided links to the suppliers sites so you can gain direct access to the page that has the product you are comparing on it to enable you to do your own further research and hire or purchase the products directly from the supplier.

We do not claim to list every product available from every supplier. We have chosen a selection of the most commonly available and the most requested.

We do not claim to suggest that every product is identical to those on the same page and in the same section as other products although they will be similar.

We do not guarantee that the information on this website is 100% accurate as supplier prices may change periodically and there may be a delay in us being notified.

We do not take any responsibility for any inaccuracies that may occur from time to time on the suppliers website or ours and there may be some lag between when the supplier changes a price of a product and the new price being reflected on this website.

We do not guarantee that the product listed on our website is available from the supplier as it may have been withdrawn or it may be out of stock.

We do not guarantee that the suppliers will not charge more than the price listed on the website as we are not responsible for the supplier website and any surcharges or extra fees that they may charge for any specific requests that you may have such as but not limited to a specific delivery time.

You should ensure that you or the supplier is adequately insured for the products and services that they will provide to you. Show Compare offers no insurance products to cover the rental or purchase of services, products or equipment that you hire or purchase from any of the suppliers listed on this website.

Show Compare is not liable for any loss of revenue, howsoever caused by any inaccurate information.

We do not use scraping software of any kind and we do not rely on the supplier to post anything on our site. The products and prices you see on this website are as a result of the painstaking research our team of researchers have undertaken under the guidance of our CEO and Founder who has 20 years experience in the exhibition industry.

Some variation may occur in the detail of the products that are being compared on this website due to the information not being available on the suppliers website, the inaccuracy of the information available to us or human error by our researchers. We make every effort (in fact it is our entire reason for creating this site) to bring together products that are as similar as possible within reason.

We have deliberately left off any products from a supplier that either doesn’t have an obvious page that you can link to or in the opinion of our directors and CEO has an unnecessarily low advertised price and too many optional extras that are not very optional.

This is simply a free to use, totally independent and hopefully useful industry resource and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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