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Banner stands (or Pop Up Banners) are a very cost effective way of getting a message across to people in a variety of locations. Not just exhibitions. Some Banner Stands are for outdoor use and there are even double sided banner stands to choose from.

They come in many sizes but we have put a small selection of the best value ones here for you to choose from.

Only the top 5 most cost effective Banner Stands will appear on this site.

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If you require a different size or shape or you are confused then contact us via this form and we will get back to you with some possibilities. If you require a quote for any of the stands to be installed by us then please drop us an email and we will install it at the show for you so it’s all set up for when you arrive. Simply Click Here and complete the online form.

80cm to 90cm Wide Pop Up Banner

80cm to 90cm wide pop up banner - by XL Displays

A very popular and cheap (sorry – cost effective) pop up banner stand that is high impact yet retracts into a very easy to carry base. Great for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and point of sale. Wider pop up banners are available below.

100cm to 110cm Wide Pop Up Banner

Another slightly wider Pop Up banner stand. Easy to put up and easy to take down and carry around. This type of banner stand is fantastic if budget is an issue and let’s face it – when isn’t it!

120cm to 130cm Wide Pop Up Banner

Probably as wide you will see a pop up banner get without becoming a pop up stand this wider version of the banner stand gives you the maximum impact for a minimum outlay.

80cm to 90cm Double Sided Pop Up Banner

Double Sided Pull Up Banners for displays and exhibitions and trade shows. Great for attracting the attention of your customers whichever direction they happen to be travelling in.


We have brought together display stand options from different suppliers and placed them together on this page. While the basic structure of each display stand will be the same, the packages are not necessarily identical as some suppliers will offer extras as part of the deal however it is up to you the visitor to this website to do your own due dilligence on each supplier. There is nothing on this website that you couldn’t find out from your own research. We have just saved you time and hopefully money by doing the groundwork for you. You can’t buy anything directly from this site. We are a totally independent price comparison company and are not owned by any of the suppliers on this website. This is simply a free to use, independent and hopefully helpful industry resource.


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