This whole site was designed for you.


If you have found yourself in this section then you are an exhibitor wishing to find a self build pop up display for your next event and maybe some furniture and possibly even some Audio Visual products like TV Screens or LED walls.


As you may have found already, the market is saturated with different products, different suppliers and a vast array of prices with as many optional extras as you can shake a stick at.


This is why we have created this price comparison site to be free to use for all concerned. It’s a free industry resource and a place where you can compare some of the more mainstream products from the best suppliers in the UK.


The suppliers have all been inspected by a member of our team to make sure they are legitimate, worthy of being on this site, have their own products (not selling someone elses) have an easy to use website that this site links to and most importantly does not offer you a low price but then piles on the extras until the costs are too much to bear.


We have a section on Exhibition Displays that you could use in your shell scheme at your next show. We have another section on Exhibition Furniture Hire giving you a choice of companies selling what could be exactly the same product at different prices and another section on Exhibition AV that has TV Screen equipment for you to hire for the duration of your exhibition or conference.


None of the costs on this site include delivery or collection and you will need to contact the seller via the link on this webiste to ask any questions and to do your own due dilligence.


You are not able to purchase anything through this website.  We have just done some of the ground work for you by comparing hundreds of products from dozens of suppliers to bring you the 5 most cost effective in each category so you can then take your pick as to which one to go for.


Remember price is NOT an indication of service or quality so please do explore at least some of the other companies listed on this site and not just the cheapest.


We have also made some helpful comments using our 20 years in the exhibition industry which should help you to navigate some of the pitfalls of this industry. For instance, if you have a shell scheme location at an exhibition then you will need to limit the height of the display you wish to purchase to less than 2.4m as that’s the height limit of the shell scheme at most if not all UK exhibitions.


Lastly, should you require someone to take the hassle out of actually installing your chosen display then use our quick quote system and we will come back to you with a low price to take the stand to the venue and put it up for you. We will take a photo as proof of installation, leaving you to turn up on the morning of the show if you want to.


We hope you have fun using this site and that you will tell your friends and colleagues about it as the more people who use it the more helpful we can be.


Happy hunting!


The Show Compare Team.


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